"DUM SPIRO SPERO" - "While I breathe, I hope"

 - Cicero 

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Dr. Magidow believes in the prevention of disease by optimizing the body’s own self-healing abilities. He encourages each of his patients to be involved in the creation of their individualized treatment plan. His approach incorporates the best of conventional and complementary therapies with his unique and extensive knowledge in Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies. Dr. Magidow practices the full scope of Family Medicine with an emphasis on Holistic and Integrative Medicine. He also has a particularly strong background in the treatment of upper respiratory conditions and allergies, and chronic pain.

He received his medical degree from St. Petersburg State Medical University in Russia prior to coming to the United States. His U.S. residency was completed at Oakwood Annapolis Family Medicine Residency in Wayne, Michigan. 

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